HP_OWER 500-700RK A400

High efficiency “Full inverter” heat pumps, R32 refrigerant, designed for heating, cooling and DHW preparation. Outdoor installation with integrated storage.

  • Power range: 50 kW-70 kW
  • Energy class A ++
    C.O.P. up to 4.11
    E.E.R. up to 4.25
  • Modularity up to 490 kW (possibility of cascading up to 7 machines)
  • Low absorption DC SCROLL INVERTER compressors, with limited noise emissions and continuous progressive modulation.
  • EC (Electronic Commutation) BRUSHLESS INVERTER fan motor with air flow modulation for maximum efficiency
  • Patented asymmetrical stainless-steel water-gas exchanger, for R32 refrigerant
  • Air-gas heat exchanger made of copper pipes with aluminum fins for a greater exchange surface
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Integrated digital regulator for monitoring, control, setting of heat pump parameters and complete system configuration
  • Preparation management of DHW storage tank (such as Enerboil) or combined storage tank of Technical Water with DHW production (such as Multipower)
  • INVERTER circulator, integrated as standard
  • Standard supplied antifreeze kit for protection of the plate exchanger (through heating cables) and inverter circulator
  • Weatherproof box with removable panels for maximum accessibility to the refrigeration and hydraulic circuits
  • Inertial storage tank (400 litre) integrated in the heat pump box for complete outdoor installation
  • Management options:
    - via ModBUS protocol
    - with 0-10 Volt external control unit
    - ON / OFF chronothermostat
  • Silenced version “SLN” with “Super Low Noise” Kit, consisting of a fan diffuser to facilitate the expulsion of air with consequent reduction of the fan speed, and a thermoacoustic coat of the compressor to reduce noise emissions and heat losses
  • Autorestart and Self-diagnosis
  • Colour Touch screen Remote control (optional), for system configuration and module cascade management.


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