Unical exclusive system, all in one, full-electric for heating/cooling and DHW production. Ideal solution in newly built residential contexts or subject to energy requalification.

ELE was born from an innovative project that concentrates in ultra-compact spaces a product consisting of a very low visual and acoustic impact compared to traditional heat pump systems, but with very high efficiency resulting from aerodynamic tests to optimize the air flows to the generator.

  • Combination with HP_OWER ONE 90R heat pump fixed on a rotating plate with vibration dampers to facilitate installation and maintenance, ensuring maximum silence.
  • Configuration with single DHW cylinder of 55 liters or with double cylinder for a total capacity of 110 litres.
  • Auxiliary electric resistance, integrated as standard, in the DHW cylinder.
  • Metal box with a linear design of 1 m³ to contain the entire system, for outdoor installation, at sight or semi-recessed installation, designed to optimize spaces and have minimal visual impact.
    Grates, on the suction side, made up of aerodynamic fins, designed to give the system high silence and the air supply necessary to ensure optimal operation of the heat pump.
  • Pre-assembled hydraulic kit on a metal frame to allow installation in a very short time
  • Simple and intuitive interface integrated into the heat pump.

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