SLIM HP 2.0: elegant and ultra-compact solution, ideal for cooling / heating systems and DHW production, powered only by electricity, for energy requalification systems or new construction.

  • White painted box for embedded or at sight installation
    (only 70 cm wide, 35 cm deep and 2.2 m high), with practical front opening for easier inspections and maintenance.
  • Vertical DHW storage tank in stainless steel with very high stratification, to optimize the contribution of energy, 150 litres capacity, with oversized coil with large exchange surface for the connection to heat pump for domestic hot water production, also with electric heater.
  • Booster circulator kit for direct zone, pre-assembled in the box. Hydraulic compensator and circulator with 7 m head for efficient combination of the heat pump to the different types of systems in terms of efficiency and flow rate, to ensure maximum comfort and better energy efficiency of the system.
  • Integrated digital controller and system configurator.
  • 2 kW auxiliary electric resistance in AISI 316L stainless steel, for DHW, equipped with external thermostat and integrated temperature limiter.
  • Air-water heat pump HP_OWER ONE 70R/90R/120/140R or HP_QOR 70/90/120 high efficiency FULL INVERTER, super compact for outdoor installation.
  • Hydraulic and electric kit for the connection with heat pump,including: 3-way DHW priority valve, inertial storage tank of 20 litres, to optimize the modulation accuracy of the heat pump,6 liter DHW expansion tank,thermostatic mixing valve, system filling group.

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