Integrated system complete with: condensing combi wall-hung boiler and air-water heat pump.
For space heating / cooling and DHW production.

KON HP is composed by:

  • Condensing boiler KONm C 24/35 with extra-flat aluminum heat exchanger and a total premixed modulating burner.
  • White painted box for embedded or at sight installations with practical front opening for easier inspections and maintenance.
  • Vertical solar DHW storage tank in stainless steel AISI 316L with very high stratification, to optimize the contribution of solar energy, capacity of 150 litres, with single elliptical coil arranged in two concentric helices for the production of domestic hot water, even with electric heater.
  • Integrated digital controller and system configurator for the consumption optimization, with intelligent system and auxiliary boiler management in relation to the outside temperature.
  • Air-water heat pump HP_OWER ONE 70R/90R/120R FULL INVERTER high efficiency, MADE IN ITALY, super-compact for outdoor installation.
  • Hydraulic and electric kit including:
    3-way DHW priority valve,inertial storage tank of 20 litres to optimize the modulation accuracy of the heat pump,thermostatic mixing diverting valve, DHW expansion vessel of 6 liter, tap kit.

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