Superheated water boiler, genuine three pass fire tube type, with 3 effective smoke passes, 91% efficiency (1).

The TRYSŨHR ’series is a family of superheated water boilers, monobloc.

Designed for a maximum safety pressure of up to 10 bar, or higher on request, and an output from 1200 to 18000 kW.
It can work with liquid or gaseous fuels.

Each model is complete with adjustments and safety accessories for automatic operation and easy commissioning.
According to current legislation, the TRYSŨHR’ family of superheated water boilers has been subjected to a conformity assessment by a Notified Body. Compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements of the European Directive PED 2014/68 / EU is guaranteed by the CE marking.

General characteristics:
In the boiler with 3 effective smoke passes, the gases from the combustion chamber (1st pass) enter the inversion chamber from where they are pushed, along the first series of smoke pipes (2nd pass), towards the front smoke chamber; from here, along the second series of smoke pipes (3rd pass) they reach the rear smoke chamber and are conveyed to the chimney. The boiler has been sized to ensure a low thermal load in the combustion chamber, low surface load and low polluting emissions (values ≤ 80 mg/kWh with Low NOx burner).

  • Boiler body: designed in compliance with the standard
    EN 12953-3: it consists of a cylindrical outer shell with a wet bottom furnace and set-in tube plates, in high quality steel. All the materials used are accompanied by manufacturing certificates certifying their chemical and mechanical characteristics and controls during the production cycle and therefore their suitability for use.
    Weldings is carried out by suitably qualified personnel, according to approved procedures, and subjected to Non-Destructive Testing according to an internal “Manufacturing and Control” plan. When manufacturing is complete, the boilers are subjected to hydraulic testing in compliance with the requirement 7.4 - Annex 7 of the PED Directive 2014/68 / EU.
  • The smoke pipes: in high quality steel, without helical turbulators, they are welded to the tube plates using qualified automatic procedures.
  • Reversing chamber: completely water-cooled, it is made of welded steel sheet, connected to the furnace with a re-edged plate and to the rear smoke chamber with supports. For models from 4650 included it is equipped with a manhole (for smaller models the manhole is available on request).
  • Front smoke chamber: In the models from 1200 to 4000 kW the front chamber is made of welded steel sheet, internally lined with a layer of insulating material and a layer of high thickness refractory material. It is mounted on hinges that allow for quick opening and adjustment. If necessary, it is possible to reverse the opening direction. The door is also equipped with a self-cleaning flame sight glass for controlling combustion during burner operation.
    In the models from 4650 kW and up, it consists of two doors in welded steel sheet, internally lined with a layer of insulating material and a layer of high thickness refractory material., which are used for cleaning and inspection. These are mounted on hinges for easy opening. Above the hole for the burner blast tube there is a self-cleaning flame sight glass for checking combustion during burner operation. In this range the burner doesn’t need to be removed for tube bundles cleaning.
  • Rear smoke chamber: it is made of welded steel sheet and externally coated with a layer of insulating material. Equipped with two doors for cleaning and inspection
    Complete with horizontal flue gas connection to the chimney, with a diameter sized for the power of the boiler and, for models from 4650 included, with a self-cleaning flame sight glass for combustion control.
    The rear smoke chamber can be equipped with an external economizer.
  • Base: consists of a frame in electro-welded boxed steel sections, equipped with support saddles for the outer shell of the body under pressure, and equipped with a system that allows to compensate for thermal expansion.
  • Walkway: positioned in the upper part of the boiler, it is built in steel and covered with checkered plate and completed, on request, with parapet and access ladder, compliant with the EN ISO 14122 Standard.
  • Outer shell insulation: thermal insulation is ensured by a 100 mm thick mineral wool mattress, bonded with heat-resistant resins, suitably supported and protected externally by a 10/10 mm painted aluminum casing.

Composition of the standard supply: (2)

  • n. 2 spring-loaded safety valves
  • Counter-flanges for connecting the flow & return pipes
  • n. 1 manual boiler drain valve
  • n. 1 large dial thermometer
  • n. 1 large dial pressure gauge with 3-way tap for calibration
  • n. 2 thermostats for burner adjustment (on control panel)
  • n. 1 safety pressure switch with manual reset (from panel board), CE certified
  • n. 1 safety thermostat with manual reset (from panel board), CE certified
  • Burner plate for burner mounting, (with specific drilling for the burner type, on request)
  • Lifting eyes
  • Electric control panel, IP 55 - 400 V – 3 Ph + N - 50 Hz
  • Standard documentation (3)

(1) This value is intended without economizer and may vary according to the pressure, the operating load and other conditions such as CO2 value, ambient temperature, water return temperature.
(2) Quantities, types or models may vary according to the configuration offered.
(3) The above documentation will be provided in electronic format, except for the installation, use and maintenance manual which will be supplied in paper format together with the equipment.


Optional equipment:




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