Expansion tank for overheated water installations.

Capacity: from 500 to 5000 liters (superior on request)

  • Cylindric vertical execution. Equipped with steel basement, which permits the ground installation or installation on adequate support.
  • Safety valve for gaseous fluid of vessel loading: air or nitrogen. Designed for a max. flow rate of gaseous fluid, at the inlet from the PRV, of 200 m³/h.
  • Equipment on demand for combination with boilers exempt from continuous surveillance (minimum pressure switch and minimum level probe fail safe type).

Standard equipment:

  • n. 1 expansion tank in carbon steel
  • n. 1 safety valve
  • n. 1 magnetic level indicator with level control switch
  • n. 3 pressure switches: 2 gaseous fluid (*) load / exhaust + 1 max. pressure (safety)
  • n. 1 gaseous fluid (*) loading / discharge valve
  • n. 1 manometer + tap
  • n. 1 drain valve (supplied disassembled)
  • n. 1 minimum pressure switch (on request)
  • n. 1 fail safe minimum level probe (on request)
  • n. 1 electric panel board

The following devices are excluded from the supply:
- gaseous fluid loading unit (*) (pressure reducer, solenoid valve, non-return valve)
- water loading unit (pressure reducer, solenoid valve, non-return valve)

(*) air/nitrogen.

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