Medium and high pressure superheated water generator, flame inversion, with wet bottom and special high efficiency pipes, efficiency 90-95% (1).

The SŨHR series is a family of superheated water generators designed for a pressure up to 5 bar (SŨHR’5) or 10 bar (SŨHR’10) (higher pressure on request). The range includes various models with output from 140 to 2900 kW.

According to current legislation, the SŨHR superheated water generator family has been subjected to a conformity assessment by a Notified Body. Compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements of the European Directive 2014/68 / EU of the pressure body is evidenced by the CE P.E.D. marking.
The generators are monobloc type, complete with all the accessories necessary for operation. The supply includes the following auxiliary components pre-assembled on the generator:
- regulation and safety equipment;
- valves and accessories.

General characteristics:
The flame inversion generator consists of a cylindrical furnace with a wet bottom in which the flame develops and where the inversion of the combustion gases takes place. The fumes then enter the tube bundle at the front tube plate and are conveyed to the rear smoke chamber from which they exit to the chimney.

  • Boiler body: consists of cylindrical shell, furnace, furnace bottom and flat tube plates in quality steel, in compliance with current technical standards. The materials used are accompanied by manufacturing certificates certifying the chemical and mechanical characteristics and the controls during the production cycle and therefore their suitability for use. The welds are carried out according to procedures approved by suitably qualified personnel and subjected, in accordance with an internal “Manufacturing and Control” plan, to Non-Destructive Testing. Upon completion of manufacturing, each pressure carrying part is subjected to testing by carrying out the hydraulic test in accordance with requirement 7.4 - Annex 1 of Directive 2014/68 / EU (PED).
  • The smoke pipes: making up the quality steel tube bundle, are welded to the tube plates by means of qualified automatic procedures. Finally, the pipes are headed by counterbore eliminating the protrusions from the plate. The smoke pipes are equipped with spiral turbulators or special inserts, designed to increase the efficiency of the generators (depending on the version).
  • Front door: can be opened from both sides by means of hinges on pivots and fixing bolts. It is made of steel sheet, internally lined with refractory insulating concrete, equipped with self-cleaning sight flame, suitably positioned for checking the correctness of combustion in operation, equipped with flange for burner connection, which can be prepared for the type of burner indicated by the customer.
  • Rear smoke chamber: made of steel sheet and equipped with a suitable cleaning door and flue gas connection with horizontal axis (vertical on request), with a diameter suitable for the power of the generator, without flange.
  • Outer shell insulation. The thermal insulation of the outer shell is ensured by a mineral wool mattress, protected externally by aluminum foil.

Composition of the standard supply: (2)

  • n. 1 or 2 safety valves, according to the output
  • n. 1 discharge group consisting of a flow-started valve
    and plug cock
  • n. 1 BASIC control panel complete with:
    - n. 1 thermometer
    - n. 2 service thermostats
    - n. 1 safety thermostat with manual reset
    - n. 1 pressure gauge
    - n. 1 safety pressure switch with manual reset
  • Standard documentation (3)

(1) This value is to be intended without economizer and may vary according to the temperature and the operating load.
(2) Quantities, types or models may vary according to the configuration offered.
(3) The above documentation will be provided in electronic format, except for the installation, use and maintenance manual which will be supplied in paper format together with the equipment.


Optional Equipment:




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