Horizontal or vertical, 3 actual flue gas passes, coil monobloc steam generator.
The GVI series generators are instant steam production type devices, without a storage tank and, therefore, explosion-proof. The generator has three flue gas passes with a fully shielded combustion chamber. The water circulation through pipes, which form the heating surface of the generator, takes place by means of a two-speed volumetric electric pump, complete with high-temperature mechanical seals. Insulation by high-density mineral wool panels and stainless steel lining. Hinged front door for easy opening without removing the burner. The rear plate is bolted for coil inspection. The self-supporting support frame is made of steel profiles.

Standard supply composition
• Two-speed volumetric electric pump for water supply, complete with inverter-controlled HT high-temperature mechanical seals (for water temperature up to 85°C)
• Inverter frequency variator
• Control pressure switches
• Steam safety pressure switch
• Clogging pressure switch
• Safety and steam temperature control heating controller
• Steam safety thermostat
• Flue gas thermostat
• Steam pressure gauge plus pressure gauge valve with test flange
• Water pressure gauge
• PED-approved safety valve
• Pump intake filter
• Safety flow switch
• Coil input check valve
• Manual condensate drain valve
• PN16 Steam socket valve
• Pump for artificial head
• Boiler control panel

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