23 November 2023

HYBREER 3 is a hybrid system for space heating/cooling and DHW production. specifically designed to simplify the replacement of the boiler of existing air conditioning systems.

Possibility to configure the D.H.W. production in external storage systems serving the heat pump and other renewable sources such as solar thermal.

It consists of: air-water heat pump, hydraulic connection kit, combi condensing wall-hung boiler

  • Air-water heat pump HP_OWER ONE 70R/90R/120R or HP_QOR 70/90/120 high efficiency FULL INVERTER, super compact for outdoor installation.
  • KONm 24/35 condensing boiler, also with storage tank (KON B 28) or boiler XLD (long distance).
  • HYBREER hydraulic connection kit
    • manifold / hydraulic compensator
    • insulation for hot / cold applications
    • non-return valves
    • mounting bracket
    • at sight installation with white painted sheet metal cover
    • embedded installation with dedicated box (optional)
    • booster circulator kit (optional)
    • relay kit for emergency boiler management in relation to the external temperature



The principle diagram highlights the hydraulic interconnection role of the HYBREER kit which balances and equilibrates the circuits of the two generators having completely different characteristics, in terms of flow rates and head with the same power output.

HYBREER is one of the most compact and versatile double manifolds on the market as it is transformed, where necessary, into a hydraulic separator, by means of a simple screw shutter: in this way it can be adapted to both new and, above all, existing systems, with high pressure drops, allowing the installation of a booster circulator to always have the system at maximum efficiency and always guaranteed comfort.

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