14 November 2022

Lots of power in a small space

  • 18 Modulex Ext models, from 100 up to 1,500 kW

  • Compact dimensions and low weight: (1.6 meters high and 2.4 meters long with a depth of about one meter, about 1,400 kg for the model of 1500 kW)

  • Modulex Ext can be installed anywhere: inside the building or outside and even on the roof (up to -15 °C).

"Carefree" solutions
Certified installers and maintenance technicians, adequately trained by Unical, are able to intervene efficiently and offer the possibility of a control also from remote.

Speed ​​of installation
The 18 Modulex models are supplied together with the pre-fitted assembly kits in order to speed up installation as much as possible. Thanks also to the low water content, with Modulex a faulty generator can be replaced in one day, both in the event of a breakdown and the need to improve the efficiency of a condominium.

Energy saving and guarantee of operation
The seasonal performance of Modulex Ext is approximately + 30%, compared to conventional boilers. The operation of the boiler is optimized thanks to the presence of thermal modules that work, even individually, adapting the modulation to the actual heat request with minimum consumption.

Optimization of consumption: hot water and heating only where and when it is needed
The presence of single thermal modules allows to adjust the supply in order to optimize consumption according to the actual use from the condominium, with an exceptional modulation ratio.

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