26 May 2020

TRYPASS' is a family of High pressure packaged steam boiler, genuine three-pass fire tube, horizontal.

Standard safety pressure up to 12 bar (higher pressure available on request) and output from 2000 to 25000 kg/h. With a large steam chamber and large evaporator for an high steam quality.



  • EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY thanks to the three real smoke passes
  • LOW NOx EMISSIONS thanks to the reduction of the specific thermal load
    according to the different versions
    - high total thickness, made by joining two rock wool layers with aluminium foil
    - insulation between the casing and the hot parts of the boiler body for thermal bridges elimination
  • CLEANING DOORS front and rear doors for inspection and cleaning
    of the tubes
  • SIMPLIFIED ELECTRICAL CONNECTION via fast coupling connectors
  • BOARD PANEL electromechanical and electronic, expandable with options
  • POSSIBLE COMBINATION with one, two, three stage or modulating burners
    boiler and board panel designed for the integration
    of optional kits, also with boiler already installed.

Unical power

A range aimed at large Industrial businesses, a complete catalogue of boilers manufactured in Italy by highly skilled personnel, with unique technological details, some covered by Unical Patent, like the special smoke pipes which significantly increase the boiler efficiency and control panels developed to ensure operator-free control, in total safety, up to 72 hours and with possible remote control.

The design of each boiler allows Unical to build special appliances, fulfilling any customer need.



Steam Generators

Steam is fundamental and irreplaceable in many industrial sectors such as: pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, chemical, paper industry, canning for storage purposes, production of rubber, plastic, etc., for which it represents the so-called raw material.

It is equally essential in the civil sector for sterilization: hospitals, canteens, laundries, etc. It is also extensively used in large ground heating installations and on ships for the production of energy through turbines, pumps and alternators. Wherever there is the need to produce and manage pressure thermal energy, steam is the ideal solution.


What benefits does it offer and why it is so popular?

  • Let’s start from the basics: steam comes from water, an element available in nature in large amounts and at a low cost. Moreover, continuous recirculation is applied in installations as much as possible – to the point that in some steam-based systems almost all the condensate is recovered.
  • Steam is safe and easy to handle: indeed it circulates naturally without the need for accelerators and guaranteeing high temperatures while operating with medium to low pressure values.
  • The temperatures and flow rates are easily controlled through two-way valves.
  • It circulates between the utility units quickly and with a light load.



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