02 May 2020

K+A is a room sealed condensing boiler which stands out both for the particular care taken in the soundproofing (front and side panels with double high density plastic coating) and for the extremely high thermal performance, which ensure high comfort and a D.H.W. production comparable to that of a boiler with storage tank.

  • Seasonal efficiency ηs > 94% on G.C.V. (class A)
  • Energy class A+ System (ηs > 98%) with optional “A+ KIT”
    composed by wireless modulating room thermostat
    + outdoor sensor compensation (Class VI +4%)
  • Domestic hot water production up to 18.3 l/min,
    with Δt 25 K, thanks to the 33 kW supplied in D.H.W. to the special increased surface heat exchanger which reduces thermal shocks in case of multiple and simultaneous drawing requests
  • Supersilent (only 39 dB)
    Sound pressure level at 1 meter distance
  • Nominal output in heating mode: 20 kW
  • Exceptional actual modulation ratio up to 1:8
  • Ultrathin primary heat exchanger in Al/Si/Mg alloy
  • Low NOx class 6 (according to EN 15502-1)
    thanks to the premix modulating burner
  • Management of 2 differentiated priority zones
    (high/low temperature) by applying a second on/off thermostat
  • High head modulating pump
  • Available in natural gas or LPG version (conversion KIT included).
  • HWS “Hot Water Speed”
    is the special K+A electronic function that switches from heating to domestic hot water mode keeping the burner and pump always active, improving the comfort of the user who doesn’t have to wait for warm water
  • Sliding temperature
    Programmed to operate with the lowest possible flow temperature to promote energy saving
  • Anti-overheating post-circulation
    Automatically, after switching off the burner, the boiler keeps the pump running for 5 minutes, preserving the components
  • Anti-jaming function
    The pump is prevented from locking after long pauses, thanks to the electronics that launches at the motor, every 24 hours of rest, an automatic pulse of 5 seconds
  • “Pit stop” maintenance
    for technical assistance intervention
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