14 November 2019

Power and Compactness record

MODULEX EXT 1160 is a condensing - pre-mixed combustion - heating unit, with an output of over 1 MW, using natural gas or LPG and low water content (only 168 litres). It widens the range of the 12 models already present in Unical (to date with a power up to 900 kW).

The engine consists of a thermal module composed of 11 pre-assembled aluminium-silicon-magnesium alloy elements (patented by Unical), each equipped with an ultra Low NOx modulating premix burner.
(class 6 - 49 mg/kWh).

Thanks to its compact size, low weight (approx. 1,100 kg), minimum noise impact LPS = 54 dB(A) and IPX 5D certification, it can be installed anywhere: inside the building, outside and even on the roof top.

Technical characteristics MODULEX EXT 1160

  • Power output: from 22 to 1,158 kW. It adapts almost instantaneously avoiding the long response times of traditional boilers.
  • Modularity of the 11 burners. it ensures reliability, safety over time and guaranteed operation in all load conditions.
  • Possibility of a battery system with up to 8 generators (almost 10 MW of power) and multiples.
  • New electronic touch interface (made by Unical) Ufly P, to program and control all the functions of both the 11 burners and the elements connected to the system (valves, pumps, etc.). It is also possible to integrate advanced remote management and remote control systems.
  • Ultra-compact dimensions: only 1.5 m high - 2.3 meters long and less than one meter deep.ODULEX EXT 1160 guarantees high versatility in installations with any type of hydraulic connection and flue gas discharge, accessibile from 3 sides, maximum management economy thanks to the exceptional modulation ratio 1:54 and the "condensation effect" of 188 kg of condensate recovered from the flue gas in one hour, at maximum power (50/30°) with surprising seasonal yields.


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