30 October 2018

Unical's new pellets stove TUA, designed by Art-Ù Design Studio, is available in the following variants:

3D, a moving sphere of fire, the flame turns into an image.

SKULL, black and fire, a must-have that refuse to compromise.

CLASSIC, the stove becomes an icon itself, total linearity.

GRANDMOTHER, in memory of the grandmothers’ ceramic stoves.

  • Compact pellet stove with an appealing look
  • Protective front piece available in 4 exclusive variants
  • Efficiency class A+
  • Fan for better diffusion of hot air into the environment
  • Thermal power 6,2kW
  • Control panel on the upper part
  • Combustion chamber lined in steel with cast iron brazier
  • Environmental efficiency class: 4
  • Practical drawer to collect ashes

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