01 October 2015

ErP and ELD what changes in the boilers’ world?

Starting from September 26, 2015, in Europe a new way to evaluate the “boilers” performances is introduced. It consists of applying European rules “Ecodesign” and energetic labelling to heating, cooling products and to products for the DHW production.  

This path has started in 2007. In accordance with the Kyoto Protocol rules, European Union have launched some measures for the environmental and climatic protection, namely Energy Related Products Regulations (ErP) and Energy Labelling Regulation (ELD).

The final aim is the Law “20”.


In 2020:

-20% CO2 emissions

-20% dependance from non-renewable fuel (oil, natural gas)

+20% energetic efficiency increase


The final aim is the improvement of the general performances for heating systems in Italy and in European nations.


The energetic label will enable the end user to have a better “energetic awareness” and to feel more guided during the purchase of these products.


However, we want to remind that the important role of the installer and the heating technician has remained unchanged: their great experience and professionalism are not possible to be replaced in getting the end user to choose the best installing solution for him.


The boiler or other system are connected to the building and, if properly designed, can satisfy even the most complex needs.


We are! 

UNICAL is ready. And not only... in the 80s, when in Italy no one talked about the respect of environment and ecological technology, Unical founder openly and (courageously...) expressed his need to change the path accordingly and, first, he invented GASOGEN, a wood boiler with inverted flame, creating a new standard for everyone, and some years later, making industries, citizens, mayors, designers etc. aware of the importance to employ the CONDENSING systems and to reduce emissions (READ MORE)


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